Article[s] of IFLR Guide to South East Asia 2007

  • Indonesia: A definite uptick
Nini N Halim of Hutabarat Halim & Rekan Lawyers explains new legislation that should help foreign acquisitions in the country.

Merger and acquisition activity has increased dramatically in Indonesia over the past few years. M&A, which is now an increasingly common and important feature of the Indonesian economic landscape, also offers foreign investors a viable method of entering the Indonesian market.
On August 16 2007, Law 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company (Law 40/2007) was enacted. Law 40/2007, which serves as a replacement of Law 1 of 1995, provides greater guidance for both foreign as well as domestic investors engaging in M&A transactions. It also standardises practices that have developed over the past several years.

The economic crisis in 1997 ......

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