Awan Mulyawan Z.
Of Counsel

Awan obtained his law bachelor degree and has further completed his post graduated master degree from the Faculty of Law, Krisnadwipayana University with the dissertation on the application of anti dumping-law under the laws of Indonesia.


Prior joining HHR Lawyers in early 2018, he had worked with other reputable Indonesian litigation firms and was resided in various cities located in the Federal Republic of Germany (Deutschland), i.e. Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg for almost 15 (fifteen) years attached to the consulate general of the Republic of Indonesia in Germany.


He holds an advocate’s license from the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) since 2007 and he has involved in an extensive legal practice in Indonesia relating to: (i) Corporate & Investment; (ii) Merger & Acquisition; (iii) Manpower & Industrial Relations works; and (iv) Commercial Dispute.


  • In Corporate & Investment works, he represented numerous companies in various corporate and investment works, e.g.: (i) setting up companies (domestic as well as foreign investment company); (ii) legal due diligence works; and (iii) corporate housekeeping matters.
  • In Merger & Acquisition works, he has provided advices and involved in the negotiation process of various M&A and restructuring works.
  • In Manpower & Industrial Relations works, he has involved and represented various companies in facing with: (i) general termination of employment; (ii) transfer of employment; (iii) company regulations and employee manuals; (iv) labor union issues; (v) structuring and processing work and stay permit for expatriate employees; and (vi) representing client in various labor cases in front of the Indonesian Industrial Relationship Court (Pengadilan Hubungan Industrial).
  • In Commercial Dispute works, he has involved and represented various companies in facing with: (i) general civil claims in front of the district, high court and the supreme court in Indonesia; (ii) Indonesian criminal legal proceedings both at the stage of investigation process conducted by the police as well as at the court proceedings stage; (iii) labor cases in front of the Indonesian Industrial Relationship Court; (iv) administrative claims in front of the administrative courts; and (v) banking and securities litigation in Indonesia.



  • Speaker at ET-Asia Webinar Series on “Kursus Intensif Hukum Ketenagakerjaan: Mengenal Serikat Buruh dan Cara Menghadapi Serikat Buruh”, Jakarta, 2020
  • Speaker at various seminars in relations to: (i) the law on Indonesian citizenship; and (ii) the laws on inheritance, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, Germany


Professional Membership

  • Member of the Indonesian Advocate Association (PERADI), in which he is licensed to practice general law and litigation in Indonesia as an advocate