Edgar Handoko

Edgar graduated from University of Gadjah Mada, Faculty of Law in 2018, majoring in Private Law. In 2018, he joined and appointed as an Associate of HHR Lawyers. Prior to joining HHR Lawyers, he took Tax Brevet at University of Gadjah Mada, Faculty of Economy and Business in 2018.


He is participating and acting in several practice groups and projects within the firm in relation to: (i) Commercial Dispute Resolution; (ii) Corporate and M&A; and (iii) Manpower and Industrial Relationship.


  • In Commercial Dispute Resolution works, he has represented numerous multinational and Indonesian companies in: (i) civil court litigations; (ii) administrative court litigation; (iii) criminal proceedings; (iv) bankruptcy and debt restructuring; and (v) private tracing and investigation, on:
    • Shares ownership dispute in connection with one of the biggest public financial company in Indonesia;
    • Bankruptcy and debt restructuring process on 3 (three) of the biggest oil palm companies in North Kalimantan; and
    • Dispute on a sole distributor’s rights in relation to one the largest fragrances distributor company in Indonesia.
  • In Corporate and M&A works, he has involved in various corporate and M&A works, e.g.: (i) complex legal due diligence works related to acquisition and restructuring projects; (ii) setting up companies (domestic as well as foreign investment company) in Indonesia; and (iii) corporate general and housekeeping matters, on:
  • One of the largest forestry company group in Indonesia, in relation to legal due diligence project;
  • One of the biggest mining public company in Indonesia, in relation to its right issue project;
  • One of the largest company in the manufacturing and distribution of electricity mater, water mater, and gas meter in Indonesia, in relation to business development plan in Indonesia;
  • One of the largest international hotel chain in Indonesia, in relation to legal due diligence projects; and
  • Background investigative works on one of the biggest property developer and its shareholders in Indonesia in relation to the planned transaction.
  • In Manpower and Industrial Relations works, he has involved in dealing with: (i) transfer of employment, including related to M&A and restructuring projects; (ii) structuring and processing work and stay permit for expatriate employees.


Professional Experiences

  • Recipient of Outstanding Student Awards, University of Gadjah Mada, Faculty of Law, 2018
  • 1st Runner Up of Contract Drafting and Negotiation National Competition held by University of Airlangga, Faculty of Law, 2017