Trade and Competition & Intellectual Property

HHR Lawyers, particularly Trade and Competition Practice Group ("Trade PG"), has extensive and in-depth experience in advising and representing clients on all issues related to agency, distribution and franchising for products and services, as well as providing in broad range of competition law matters. HHR Lawyers has acted as legal advisors to both domestic and international corporation, and our experience in this areas of practice include, among others:


(i)      advising on the Indonesian capital market laws and the regulations;

(ii)     setting up and restructuring of agency, distribution and franchising companies and networks;

(iii)    drafting, negotiating and concluding agency, distribution and franchise agreements;

(iv)    registration of sole agency and distribution agreements as well as franchise agreements with the relevant Indonesian

         government institutions;

(v)    advising clients on the implication of clean break provisions (claims for the payment of settlement sum) in terminating the agency and 

        distribution contracts;

(vi)    registration of food and beverage with the relevant government institutions; (vii) providing competition compliance program/checklist

         to clients;

(viii)  advising clients on the implication of the Indonesian Competition Law of 1999 and competition issues facing by clients with Business

         Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU); and

(ix)    together with Comdis PG, representing the clients in agency, distribution, franchise and anti-competition litigations in Indonesia.


Trade PG Leaders:


Nini N. Halim (Senior Partner)


Rosna Chung (Senior Partner)


Milanti T. Kirana (Partner)