HHR Updates
2022-01-18 00:00:00

HHR Lawyers Earns Recertification in Meritas, the Leading Global Alliance of Independent Business Law Firms


HHR Lawyers membership in Meritas means clients can access quality legal expertise around the world.


JAKARTA, INDONESIA – HHR Lawyers, a Jakarta-based law firm, announced that it has been awarded recertification in Meritas, a global alliance of independent business law firms. HHR Lawyers joined Meritas in 2019 and, as a condition of its membership, is required to successfully complete recertification every three years.


Meritas is the only law firm alliance with an established and comprehensive means of monitoring the quality of its member firms, a process that saves clients’ time validating law firm credentials and experience. Meritas membership is selective and by invitation only. Firms are regularly assessed and recertified for the breadth of their practice expertise, client satisfaction and high standards of cybersecurity to keep legal information safe. Meritas’ extensive due diligence process ensures that only firms meeting the tenets of Meritas’ unique Quality Assurance Program are allowed to maintain membership. The measurement of the firm’s performance, based on input from clients, is reflected in a Satisfaction Index score, which is available online on the Meritas website.


“Our values of quality service and client satisfaction align with the Meritas mission to provide a safe and responsive global offering to clients,” said Nini N. Halim, Senior Partner at HHR Lawyers. “We’ve successfully collaborated with colleagues in many jurisdictions around the world to solve client issues and help them seize opportunities outside of this market. We look forward to keeping those vital connections through membership in Meritas.”


The recertification process HHR Lawyers completed to maintain its membership status included exacting self-assessment, peer review by other law firms and client feedback.  


“Businesses trust the Meritas alliance of law firms for top-tier quality, convenience, consistency and value,” said Sona Pancholy, president of Meritas. “HHR Lawyers has demonstrated its commitment to world-class legal standards, and therefore has successfully earned its recertification in Meritas.”