Vision and Mission

Our vision contemplates 3 (three) fundamental pillars of the existence of HHR Lawyers: 


“The Best Client - The Best Work - The Best Lawyer"


This vision is supported by our mission to achieve our position to be a national law firm which is recognized domestically as well as internationally as one of the leading and top tier of commercial law firm in Indonesia, by implementing our mission that we think globally but know how to solve legal issues locally.


Core Values

Our basic values have been at the foundation of HHR Lawyers from its inception, and continue to guide our lawyers in providing the highest professional legal services to our clients. These core values drive HHR Lawyers' professional behaviors and its approaches, judgements as well as actions in representing the interests of its clients. 


  1. Commitment to Our Clients: We are committed to serving our clients to the highest professional legal services, which will be implemented by the following behaviors:

  1. committed to meeting clients’ needs and expectations in representing our clients’ interests and to work side by side by exchanging ideas and strategies for the benefit of the clients;

  2. to listen carefully to any problems of clients and provide the best solutions and strategies based on legally correct, commercially sound, practical and timely advice in facilitating the interests of our clients;

  3. committed to resort time in order to get to know clients, and to understand clients' business activities and reputations;

  4. recognize the importance of developing longstanding relationship with clients and maintaining professional working relationship with clients;

  5. enjoy working with clients and to develop an atmosphere where clients also enjoy working with us, not only at a decision maker level but also at every level at which we provide our legal services;

  6. to develop a continuing relationship with clients based on the principles of openness, trust, mutual respect and integrity; and

  7. to discuss clients' expectations, will continuously strive to provide clients with comments and other optional viewpoints and strategies when deemed necessary.


  1. Ethical Standards: We respect the integrity and ethical norms in performing our works and in representing the interests of our clients. It is important that we have a sense of professional accountability for every decision,  judgment, and action in representing the interests of our clients. This core value is achieved by way of adopting the following behaviors:

    1. keep and respect the confidentiality of each professional life;

    2. to treat everyone with courtesy and respect;

    3. to value people's opinion and consider clients' view, even though they may differ from ours;

    4. to take responsibility for our judgements, decisions, and actions; and

    5. to consider the impact of our actions and behaviors on others.


  1. Drive for Excellence: We strive to the best of our ability and committed to achieving excellence in everyone and everything in representing the interests of our clients, with the following supporting behaviors:

  1. committed to improve and adjust our works to the highest professional standard with the maximum efficiency by using the advantage of the existing work environment, systems, and technology implemented in HHR Lawyers;

  2. open for constructive criticisms and suggestions for the improvement of the level of services of HHR Lawyers;

  3. to look for challenges and new opportunities in the future; and

  4. to implement our legal expertise and knowledge in the highest professional manner.

  1. Team Work and Dynamic Leadership: We encourage teamwork and dynamic leadership at all levels within HHR Lawyers, which is supporting by the following adopted behaviors:

  1. to work together based on teamwork to achieve the best result in the most efficient manner possible;

  2. to respect dynamic leadership, collegiality, openness and friendliness in maintaining a good team spirit in HHR Lawyers;

  3. to share the responsibility of providing legal services to everybody as team members, as well as to develop leadership skills and to provide a positive example of how things should be correctly and properly done;

  4. to treat all team members equally;

  5. to approach our teamwork is to understand the need of our clients and to formulate solutions to make things happen for our clients;

  6. to encourage everyone to drive for initiative and take responsibility;

  7. to cover for someone who cannot be there;

  8. to provide and receive constructive feedback on performance based on a regular basis;

  9. to respect and reward financial and non-financial contributions of all members of HHR Lawyers; and

  10. to encourage our people to have a strong sense of belonging to HHR Lawyers.