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Newsletter - Financial Services Authority Allows General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Companies to be Convened Electronically in The Midst of The Corona Virus Disease-19 (“COVID-19”) Pandemic
Author: Capital Market & Banking Finance Practice Group     Since its first occurrence in Indonesia earlier this year, the number of confirmed COVID-19 case has significantly increased from time to time. This situation forced the Government of Indonesia, through regional government, to apply public movement restrictions by introducing the concept of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar – “PSBB”) which prohibits mass
Newsletter - New Capital Market Regulations on Material Transactions and Affiliated and Conflict of Interest Transactions
Author: Capital Market & Banking Finance Practice Group     OVERVIEW   The Indonesian Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – “OJK”) has recently issued the new regulations relating capital market sector, namely:   OJK Regulation No. 17/POJK.04/2020 on Material Transactions and Change of Business Activities, entered into effect on 21 April 2020 (“POJK No. 17/2020”); and OJK Regulation No.
Newsletter - Doing Business During The Pandemic: Indonesia’s Government Support in Countermeasuring The Corona Virus Disease-19 (“COVID-19”) Outbreak
Author: Corporate and Investment Practice Group     The spread of COVID-19 outbreak has significantly disrupted the economic stability of almost all nations around the globe, not excluding Indonesia. Shortly after the first two cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia were confirmed by the Government of Indonesia (“GoI”) back in March 2020, the GoI declared the COVID-19 outbreak as: (i) the public health emergency through the Presidential Decree No. 11 of 2020 on
Newsletter - Mandatory Disclosure of The Beneficial Owner of A Limited Liability Company
Author: Corporate and Investment Practice Group   GENERAL OVERVIEW OF THE MANDATORY DISCLOSURE OF BENEFICIAL OWNER   To support the ongoing efforts in deterring and eradicating economic crimes as well as illicit financial flows, the Government of Indonesia (“GoI”) has enacted the Presidential Regulation No. 13 of 2018 on the Implementation of the Principle of Knowing the Beneficial Owners of Corporations in relation to the Prevention and Eradication of
Newsletter - Restorative Justice as A Solution in Indonesian Criminal Proceedings
Author: Commercial Dispute Resolution Practice Group   In Indonesia, disputes arising between victim and perpetrator under criminal law are resolved through criminal proceedings. However, criminal proceedings focus on providing a deterrent effect on the perpetrator rather than providing merits to all parties, especially for the victim. Therefore, many victims did not receive any material or imaterial remedy for the consequence of criminal act conducted by perpetrator, even the
Newsletter - Corona Virus Disease-19 (“COVID-19”) Pandemic as Force Majeure in Indonesia?
Author: Commercial Dispute Resolution Practice Group   The pandemic of Corona Virus Disease-19 or generally known as COVID-19, has significantly affected all of the business sectors in Indonesia. This situation interrupt most of all business sectors, and affects business actors which are struggling to maintain their business operation. Some business actors are being forced to close temporarily or even permanently. This situation affects the increase of companies that went bankrupt or
HHR Lawyers’ Nini N. Halim Elected to Board of Directors of Meritas Global Alliance of Law Firms
HHR Lawyers, a Jakarta-based law firm, today announced that Nini N. Halim has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Meritas, a global alliance of independent law firms that serves the legal needs of companies doing business across markets. Ms. Halim was elected to the position from the more than 7,400 attorneys in the Meritas member network and will serve with 20 others from around the world for a three-year term.   Visit the link to read the full Press Release: [Press
Recognitions from Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2021
We are pleased to announce thrilling news from Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2021. HHR Lawyers is recognised as Indonesia Recommended Firm in Commercial and Transactions, also our Senior Partner, Pheo M. Hutabarat is named as Indonesia Litigation Star in Commercial and Transactions.   Benchmark Litigation is the definitive guide to the region’s leading dispute resolution firms and lawyers, recognised the leading litigators and most impactful
Pheo M. Hutabarat Named to Indonesia's Top 100 Lawyers 2021 by The A-List Asia Business Law Journal
HHR Lawyers proudly announce that Pheo M. Hutabarat, our Senior Partner, named to Indonesia's Top 100 Lawyers 2021 by The A-List Asia Business Law Journal. He is continuing his remarkable accomplishments in the same list from previous years.   The A-List is based on extensive research conducted by Asia Business Law Journal where they included thousands of in-house counsel in Indonesia and around the world – as well as partners at international law firms
Meet Meritas Young Lawyers from All Across Asia
HHR Lawyers is proud to be a member of Meritas where our lawyers can connect and learn from their peers all around the world, especially Asia. Asia is considered to be the world’s largest continent is also the most diverse. Check out this introductory video made by the Meritas young lawyers in Asia – a prelude to a series of short videos showcasing the cultural differences and nuances within Asia.   Do keep a lookout for our firm’s
HHR Lawyers is Named as M&A Law Firm of the Year in Indonesia by The 2021 Lawyer Network Annual Awards
  It is our pleasure to humbly announce that HHR Lawyers is named as M&A Law Firm of the Year in Indonesia by The 2021 Lawyer Network Annual Awards.   The Lawyer Network Annual Awards focus on practice area expertise and the jurisdiction by bringing the best of each sector and location to the client. With this award, it reflects that HHR always provide superior legal works and client services, thus sustaining its ability to be one of the most reputable and leading
Recognitions from asialaw Profiles and Leading Lawyers 2022 Edition
  HHR Lawyers is truly honored to be recognized as "Highly Recommended Firm" and our Senior Partner, Pheo M. Hutabarat, is named as "Distinguished Practitioner in Dispute Resolution" by asialaw Profiles and Leading Lawyers 2022 Edition.   The rankings are the definitive guide to leading law firms and lawyers in Asia, where it provides law firm recommendations and editorial analysis of key practice areas and industry sectors. This acknowledgment
Recognitions from IFLR1000 31st Edition 2021-22
  HHR Lawyers is proud to announce our recognitions as "Recommended Firm" and our Senior Partners, Pheo M. Hutabarat and Rosna Chung, as "Highly Regarded Lawyers in Banking, Restructuring & Insolvency" by IFLR1000 31st Edition 2021-22.   HHR Lawyers provides a full range of legal services to its clients, and has established several practice areas within the firm to develop its legal services. HHR Lawyers' expertise and capability have been